Torch - Independent Advice

Our Operating Model aims to align incentives with those of our investors

Security Selection

Our choice of investment products is purely based on the objective of meeting client’s investment targets. We are not influenced by the fees, etc. that are paid to other institutions.


Incentive Alignment

Our fees structure** is designed to be fully aligned with the objectives of our investor. We maintain full transparency in this regard.

The Torch Advantage

Torch redefines the model of wealth management by optimising the benefits of a private banking platform without succumbing to the inherent risks, and creating a family wealth management platform for the long run.


Bespoke investment & wealth management strategies for UHNW Individuals & Family Offices

We are focused on creating value for our UHNW investors with global, Multi-Asset Allocation backed by 20 years of investment research and insight. The Torch team has over 100 years combined experience in the Global Capital Markets.

Portfolio Management

Strategic Portfolio Re-Balancing

Our Key Considerations

Pick the right asset class vs. diversify across – with defined rules backed by analytics. Asset class weightage and leverage to be determined by investors’ risk/return goals.

Wealth Conservation

Return Stability

Volatility/Risk Reduction


Alternative investment strategies in private markets for UHNW Individuals & Family Offices

We help UHNW investors to strategically deploy capital in private markets to enhance overall portfolio returns with our thematic approach underpinned by global macro trends and extensive in-house research.


Access to Direct Investments from Specialist Managers


Working with Orphan Portfolios built over generations


Full transparency in pricing and structure


Rules based investment strategies


Fees** structure aligned to performance

Our Investment Approach



Torch has more than 100 years of combined work-experience with top names in Wall Street, London and Asia


Research and pick on investment theme


Network of relationships with sector experts who work with us as operating partners and invest along side us –  skin in the game

To know more about our strategies and IP-based services, talk to us.

** The return upon maturity of your/each investor’s full principal sum invested through/with us or in Torch products is not unconditionally guaranteed as such transactions made are subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of all or a substantial portion of the principal value invested.
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