The Era of Smartphones Will Be Over Soon

The world has become much advanced technologically. However, it has also become cluttered with numerous gadgets. We will see the consolidation of technologies. We will have fewer of them with multitasking abilities. We are becoming free of wires. We still need to become more free of devices that take up space and require frequent charging.

Smartphones are first in line to get lost into invisibility. The need of the hour is better integration with humans and new, innovative ways of interacting with devices. We think bioelectronics breakthroughs can help us with that. We should not require handheld devices to perform essential functions like taking photos, recording audio & video or making calls. Interacting with applications can be done via neural sensors and the rest of the features can be embedded in human bodies. Smartphones brought an end to so many peripheral devices like digital cameras, mic, alarm clocks, radio, music players, calculators, GPS, flashlight, compass, remotes, and laptops. Moreover, now smartphones sales have been going down. They are heading toward eventual oblivion.

Worldwide device shipment has been pretty much flat. People are not upgrading devices. New features and changes have not been revolutionary in the last decade. Hence, sales are going down. Also, the culture of decluttering and minimalists is on the rise. We need fewer devices at home than before due to smartphones and PC developments.

We expect a new wave of technologies like voice-enabled assistants, brain-machine interfaces (Neuralink, founded by Elon Musk in 2016), bio-electronics, Augmented Reality(AR) devices (AR Glasses, attachments, contact-lenses, etc.) to replace most handheld devices, which often create distractions while performing essential tasks. It would make us more efficient in our everyday lives. These are possible and are expected to happen within the next decade.