The Increasing Need for Digital Detox

“Screen time” is taking a huge toll on our human and social side. We are glued to some kind of screen most of our conscious time. Starting from smartphones, to laptops, to Television and many other informatics displays. It tires out our eyes and brains. In due time, it affects us at very deep levels. We start desiring to escape from this screen reality, where we do not require to interact with other humans or perform physically stimulating tasks.

The void that the digital world creates for us is palpable in many ways – we feel feelings of frustration, tension, heartbreaks, envy, elation, etc. based on the responses and stimulus of others. Also, working in our offices or other work environments, hours at end, we connect remotely but not in person with our families and friends. Thus there is a natural desire to break this monotony of the day, which accentuates our human emotions. 

Nature relaxes us, connects us to ourselves and enhances us physically, emotionally and spiritually. We would expect that as digital inputs in our lives grow, we will veer to get even more of nature – maybe through hobbies or activities or perhaps through getaways. Hence, we think that natural sites and scenic locations will become increasingly more popular. No matter, what simulation can be mimicked using a 3D/4D medium, humans will crave more for nature and the outdoors.

Too much intake of anything is harmful to us. The same happens when the digital world overtakes our real physical world and prevents us from interacting with fellow humans, family members, and other natural objects.

We feel immense joy when we take time to look at green fields, blue sky, flowing water and other natural themes that please our mind and soul. It helps us detoxify ourselves and make us feel refreshed. Humans are going to need more of that. They would be traveling more, taking longer breaks and demanding time away from the digital world.

This opens the door to a whole new recreational industry that can provide calming spaces, spa-like facilities, green-zones, get-togethers, and social events. Startups like, WeWork will become more widespread. Also, the minimalist tendency should push us to get decluttered of devices, de-screened as much as possible.