Women’s Role in Global Economy Will Rise

Woman’s participation in the global economy is expected to rise on account of proactive policies being undertaken by countries and organizations to unleash the power of home staying woman. This will not only make the society richer but will also allow parents to provide better living standards to their families.

The context of women entering the workforce at a time when digital driven AI unfolds is a more complicated as the over-arching theme is of job losses and low job creation, as machines substitute humans in traditional jobs. However, we believe the woman employment will continue to grow unabated on two accounts.

Firstly, women are more likely to use not only the left hemisphere of their brains, one which is particularly strong in logic and calculations but also the right side, which is more adept at understanding emotions and managing relationships and is measure by Emotional quotients (EQ). Machines will be less able to deal with EQ and besides who wants to make a pleasant conversation with a machine, humans generally and woman specifically will keep on gaining share on account of their superior EQ.

Secondly, jobs of the future may be more unstructured – may be more freelance, more part-time and more requiring high flexibility and innovation – woman given they already balance plenty of home chores and are better at multi-tasking, will likely be better able to manage this new kind of work environment.

We, therefore, remain constructive on woman employment.

Till a couple of decades back, gender-based work assignments were a norm. It was believed that women should be managing affairs inside the home, and men should work outdoor to earn for the family. Women were not expected to work outside the home.

Gradually, women venturing out to work outside the home became acceptable. With proper education and training, women can work on par with men and even excel at it better than their male counterparts.

Women are now involved in almost all kinds of jobs these days. Their contribution to the economy has increased many folds in the last few decades. There are more women in corporates, industries, and social work domain than ever. They are leaders and entrepreneurs. Politics has given chances to women and many have excelled in it.

Women are fighting for their representation. They feel society has been extremely unjust to them for centuries, treating them like child-rearing machines and chained to family life. Now they seek more from society. They are vocal against harassment of all kinds, discrimination based on gender and wage gaps.

Woman’s participation is essential to the growth of humankind on earth. There are capable women who can lead humans to unimagined future. They can innovate, improvise and adapt to any challenge thrown at them. Women are doing the toughest jobs on the planet, like being on the battlefield, going to space, leading billion-dollar businesses, taking photos of black holes and many other things.