Young People Will Create Virgin Tourist Spots

Contemporary human life has become hectic, physically & emotionally demanding, and stressful. People work for days before getting time to rest. Life is becoming monotonous. Hence, the need for meaningful recreation.

We increasingly find new interesting destinations keep springing up around the world in places which were previously uninteresting or indiscernible. These places were previously unremarkable, but due to the innovation and creativity, they have turned into gems. We believe the renewal of places in urban and rural areas will keep carrying on, driven not only by governmental and local authorities but by the power and creativity of the youth.

Young people who will struggle to find opportunities in traditional areas will seek to create new experiences by opening small enterprises offering new value propositions to the consumers. What exactly these will be will vary and, in many cases, may be so innovative that they may not have even been thought about so far.

The young generation is fond of new and unique experiences. The variety of affordable tourist destinations and activities available today are mind-boggling. Entrepreneurs keep on improving those experiences. We have cheaper hotel solutions (AirBnB, Zostel, Oyorooms). We also have more affordable and exotic food option availability. Bars with unique themes are coming up, which attract lots of crowds.

Some tourists value privacy, unique experiences, and peace of mind while others may seek out maximum social interaction. Young entrepreneurs should be able to figure out the needs and desires of these tourists and bank on them.

Innovations based on trends and popularity will come up. New theme parks for Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Jurassic park are coming up in new and unique locations. There are firms organizing mountaineering, trekking, biking trips. Some startups help in connecting like-minded people for traveling purposes, which opens the door to new ways of experiencing tourist locations. People wish to connect with nature more than ever. Nature-based theme parks will bring in huge crowds. Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality based theme parks are on the rise to cater to a new generation of tourists.

The young generation will take over the task of creating beautiful and new experiences, which are technologically advanced, accessible, and unique.